Qualities Of  Good Senior Care

Seniors need to be treated according to their individual personalities and preferences.  When people listen to them and care for them they feel appreciated.  Even though senior people have lost the ability to do some activities for themselves,  they should still be treated with well.  

Quality care for seniors is one that:
Seniors are treated with dignity
Senior residents regardless of their illness and age should be treated with dignity and care.  Staff should be understanding and patient with senior citizens. They should understand that they behave the way they do because of some of the illnesses that they are dealing with.  When they also treat them like other adults they feel safe. Staff should be committed to their jobs and love the patients.  They may need to take extra time with patients when doing certain activities.  When patients are able to do some activities for themselves, staff should let them carry out those activities. It gives them something to do and they don't feel helpless when they perform these activities.

Seniors receive proper attention from staff
A good senior's home should be well staffed so that each staff member can handle a reasonable number of residents.  When a home care residence is understaffed, workers can become overworked and frustrated and they will take it out on the senior residents.  Taking care of senior citizens is not an easy job so the staff needs to be treated well so that they can do the job well.  It will also mean that they will not quit their job and cause staffing shortages. Homes for senior residents should also have the right professionals such as counselors, certified nurse assistants, registered nurses as well as aides.  When this team of professionals works together, the residents will have a better home. To read more about the qualities of a good senior homecare, visit http://www.ehow.com/about_4587229_senior-living-apartments.html .

Seniors have regular visits and activities 
A home for senior citizens should allow for residents to visit with their families for long periods.  They should also include activities in which families can participate together with the senior residents.

Guiding light senior residents should also be allowed to participate in social, interactive, and educational activities that will keep them active. These activities keep their minds busy and this is good for senior citizens. A senior residence home should also be a safe place for residents. Some residents will use wheelchairs while others will not. 

Some of the residents will be bedridden and they should also have a safe environment. A hospice san antonio should cater for all these people in a way that they will be comfortable and their visitors too.